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  A perfect spring night in Huntsville for celebrating the wedding of  Donna & Kevin! Church of the Nativity is spectacular and the reception at the beautiful home of a dear friend of the bride made this wedding day flawless for the couple. Friends and family enjoyed all kinds of yummy foods and drinks from […]

Donna & Kevin

Copper & Michael had one of the most special wedding days. Surrounded by family and closest friends, they celebrated into the night. Not even a tornado and last minute change of venue could not take away the joy from these families. I was truly honored to be a small part.   All photographs by Leah […]

Cooper & Michael

It was so much fun to gather all this good stuff for a Valentine’s giveaway. Be sure to check out: Moderne Joel  Al Christopher Snail on the Wall Leslie Lockhart Fine Art Terramé Maison de Papier Roosevelt & Co Congratulations to Ashley Mitchell! Call me and we will hook you up!!! I’m trying to pack […]

Valentine’s behind the scenes!

I’m not really good at goal setting- I really want to be. I love some office supplies and organization, and planners….I buy one every year(even the real Day Designer, but I gave it to a friend because I wasn’t using it)…but it doesn’t always translate into my life. I had to stop following all of […]

Goals or No goals?

  Dahlias.   What happens when you have a million things to do? Well if you are me,  you decide to write a blog post since you haven’t written one in about 2 years. It’s been on my list (in my brain) every day, but has somehow it has been pushed to the bottom but […]

Dahlias are BLOOMING!

Flower Guild….   I have this great memory of watching my mom build a poinsettia tree. She gathered up all kinds of supplies from our house, including a table that looked similar to this (ha!) to help her build this massive tree. This tree she was creating was at least 20 feet tall ,made out […]

The Wonders of a Flower Guild

Instagram is full of flower inspiration! When I started writing Buckets and Blooms, I had great aspirations of writing all of the time. That has not happened. But, what has happened is that I have found myself lost in Instagram-looking for inspiration! In just a few clicks, I might have discovered a flower designer’s adorable […]

Instagram Flower Inspiration

  What a great setting for a fun Southern Summer Party-the home of Andrea and Brent Bell, at the Home-on-the-Hill at Darlington School in Rome, Georgia. Andrea and Brent welcomed 10 guests who purchased this party at Darlington’s  annual fundraiser , the Purple Tie Affair.  Chef James Boyce, ( Cotton Row, Commerce Kitchen, Galley and […]

Southern Dinner Party with Style at the Home-on-the-Hill!

I have had a serious case of writer’s block or maybe just a case of enjoying summer. Looking at my long list of topics I want to eventually write about looks kind of daunting. But, this project was not daunting. It was one of the most fun flower projects I have ever gotten to work […]

Interior Styling with Memphis designer Anna Lattimore

There are a few things beside the obvious that I love—one is flowers and the second is travel. And when the travel is to San Francisco to arrange flowers, even better. Sign me up! So what’s the backstory to my fantastic floral adventure? Have you ever “discovered” a band, restaurant, or new designer that you […]

Flower Workshop with Tulipina and Max Gill Design