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  It’s here.  The craziness of wrapping up the school year and getting ready for summer. For my family, this past weekend was a Maycember weekend.  For starters, we (not really all of us) lost our neighbor’s cat that we were feeding. We don’t have cats of our own and everyone told me more than […]


  What a Party! Getting ready for a party is fun and kind of exhausting.  After all of the planning, ordering, gathering from the yard, and prepping the flowers- I am really ready to get to work.  After the flowers have soaked and gotten a fresh cut, I will check on them multiple times to […]

Special Engagement Party!

  Spring- finally after a long winter!  Bring on the Zyrtec!   I am excited, nervous and continually questioning myself about starting a blog. Hopefully, it will grow into something that is fun for you to read and get inspired by. After playing with my camera and getting some tips from my friend- the pro, […]

Spring is Here!

  Collecting…haha or just too much stuff???? Yes- to both, collecting and too much stuff. I am guilty.  I always dream about less stuff.  I have two friends that when I go visit their homes, I ALWAYS come back to my home and purge my stuff- well, some of it. Okay- so if you love […]

Collecting Vessels and Containers

  Orange- not just for Auburn! I love orange- hard to believe, but orange, coral, peach whatever the shade…I really just love.  I first really discovered orange roses when my super talented friend, Leslie and I worked on the church flower guild doing something- years ago.   Then she painted these -WOW! These belong to […]

Orange Roses…

  My friend, Buffy, from The Style Gathering invited me to help her get ready for this incredible Valentines Day party.  I jumped at the chance. It was so much fun.  Buffy and I had a lot of fun in college together (Roll Tide!) and it was just as much fun 20ish years later (almost)! […]

Pop Up Party!

  Ombré Wreath This is one of my ALL TIME favorite flower pictures. I can’t take credit for this wreath- my friend Wendy (Check out her jewelry that she is making, so pretty!) made this for Easter at our church one year.  It still takes my breath away. LOOK HOW MANY FLOWERS! And- what makes […]

Ombré Easter Wreath and More!

  Aren’t these arrangements sweet? I usually lean towards some serious color when I pick out flowers, but who doesn’t like a pale palate too? This container is a cereal bowl.  Yes, a cereal bowl from Target. This is perfect for a powder bath or a side table and will just add that extra something […]

Simple Arrangement