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Buckets and Blooms started off as a way to share my love of flowers with family and friends. It started as a blog that has evolved into an event floral business. I love teaching others the simple joys flowers can bring. 

At Buckets and Blooms inspiration comes in many forms. Of course, Mother Nature leads the way! On a family trip to Arizona, I was in awe of the red rocks against the blue sky. It was breathtaking and so different from our southern terrain. It was the first time I stopped to think about how landscapes affect design. The change of seasons dictates so much beauty. Spring gives us new growth with blooming branches. In the summer, we see green grass and blue skies. As autumn approaches, leaves changing colors bring so many beautiful, distinct colors. In the winter months, we have snow, berries, and beautiful sticks that give us the loveliest shades of gray. We also look to art for inspiration as well as architecture, interior design, and fashion. As long as your eyes are open, you can see beauty in so many areas.

Working in my yard has given me great pleasure over the years. Every year when the blooming daffodils signal the arrival of spring, I am thankful for the dormant winter months that are necessary for such a spectacular show. Springtime is also when I start seeds, and poring over seed and plant catalogs brings me the same feeling I had as a child when the Sears catalog arrived at Christmas. I love circling and dog-earing pages of the possibilities for the coming year. Some seasons my harvest (or seed experiments) are better than others, but I keep trying! Gardening has given me a new appreciation for flower design. The way flowers grow in the landscape is interesting to think about when designing an event. I truly love being able to pick something from my yard and share it with a bride in her bouquet. Or, I can take an arrangement to a friend knowing that some of it was grown by me. 

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